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Hi, We're Glydrs Animation Studio

We're like steroids for your digital campaigns!

Here are a couple of reasons why you might be searching for an animation studio:


  • You have a product/service that you want to showcase.
  • Your social media campaign needs a boost.
  • You need a convenient way to explain your service to your audiences.
  • Or, you’ve got a competitor that’s dominating social media with their animation videos.

We’ve got your back.


Motion graphics including 2d animation and 3d animation videos are perfect for both products AND services. 


They can also be tweaked to fit different stages of your marketing funnel.


We make super engaging videos for whatever target audience you’re after. 


And, we make your life way easier with free revision rounds and a fast video completion time.


Get your video from a motion graphics company that actually cares about your target customers and tailors your message to them. 

Check Out Some Samples of Our Work

Play Video
Play Video

You'll get premium-quality videos, at the best prices.

We’re big enough to compete with the top brands, but we’re small enough to remain affordable.


We have worked with tons of enormous entities, and we have also worked with lots of small businesses. 


Whatever your industry is, we’ll create an engaging video that resonates with your target audience.

We're marketers within an animation studio.

We understand the customer journey and we adapt our videos to fit each stage of the marketing funnel.


Check out this article where we explained which types of videos fit into the different stages of the marketing funnel.


We align ourselves with your goals.


Do you need messages? We’ll work on a creative in-video CTA.


Do you need awareness? We’ll work on a catchy video that sticks to your audiences’ minds.


Do you require leads? We’ll treat the video as a lead magnet and conceal some information.


Are you struggling with a low view rate/retention? We’ll optimize the hook and stop your audience from scrolling.

Ask us anything about your project (No obligations)!

What are the steps needed to get a video?

Animation Studio video process

It’s pretty simple, when you send us a message on Whatsapp be prepared for a reply within 10 days… oops, minutes! (We’re a fast-replying animation studio)



We’ll ask you a few questions about your needs and we might ask for an online meeting.



After we understand your needs exactly, we prepare ideas and offer you a proposal. You’ll choose the idea that suits you the most and we’ll carry on from there.


Check out more motion graphics videos from our work!

Play Video

Here’s one of our most favorite motion graphics video. We created this one for Hardee’s celebrating the Founding Day in KSA.

Play Video

Here’s another 2d animation – motion graphics video but this time it’s a software tutorial.

Meet The Team!

Mahmoud Gaballah

Mohamed Hegazy


Hussein Farghaly

More About Us

We’re a team of creatives located in Egypt that provides all sorts of video and photography services. We do explainer videos, commercial videos, documentaries, product videos, client testimonials and many more! 

Here is what our clients say! 

Great Big Story logo

Great Big Story (CNN)

Sofia Couceiro

Mahmoud (Glydrs co-founder) was wonderful to work with. He did extensive research on restaurants and places where Koshari was made and, on top of that and out of his own initiative, he also provided the production team with draft scripts and creative ideas on how to produce the short-documentary during COVID-19. Mahmoud was energetic and passionate for the project and I highly recommend him.

What3words logo


Laura Kennea

Great working with Glydrs. They captured exactly what we were looking for, communicated well and delivered on time. Would 100% work with Glydrs again.

Story Hunter's logo


Stephanie Gaweda

Mahmoud (Glydrs co-founder) was very easy to communicate with, knowledgeable on the subject he pitched, and he went back to the location to try to cover the story again after technical issue prevented it on the first day. Would hire again.

Huffington Post logo

Huffington Post

Megan Robertson

Mahmoud (Glydrs co-founder) was great to work with and delivered high quality footage we needed for a project in a super timely fashion. We needed a lot of footage of rush hour transportation across the Bosphorus and he met every requirement for the project and exceeded expectations. I’d trust him to work on any project with us in Istanbul, and hope to collaborate down the road for HuffPost!

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